• Post last modified:December 7, 2023

As part of the COP28 UN Climate Conference in Dubai; December 3, 2023 has been named ‘Health Day’.

It is the first-ever Health Day at a COP and it aims to highlight the link between climate change and human health, and to promote health co-benefits of climate action.

The Health Day featured various sessions and activities, such as:

• A health day opening with political and financial commitments

• A discussion on how climate change affects our health

• A showcase of climate and health solutions

• A climate-health ministerial meeting

• A public-private partnership for healthcare climate action

• A roundtable on finance for climate and health

• A nexus of health and relief, recovery and peace

• A session on mental health and climate change

It was an opportunity to raise awareness and mobilize action to address the health impacts of climate change and to support the health sector in becoming more resilient and sustainable.

Even though the date has passed, it’s not too late to learn about and contribute to the movement. You can visit the official website www.cop28.com/en/schedule

You can also check out the WHO website for more information on climate change and health www.who.int/news-room